noon of the solstice

Running time: 12 minutes
Directed by: Gary Andrews
Written by: Chris Tinniswood & Gary Andrews
Music by: Spiral Castle & Joy Tinniswood
Cast includes:
Storyteller – Joy Tinniswood
Holly King – Wayne de Strete
Oak King – Anthony Allen

“In times long past lived a man of green…” This short film was commissioned by Crawley Community Arts and formed part of their Showreel 2000 project. The story is based on the song “On the Noon of the Solstice” by the mystic folk band “Spiral Castle”, which tells of the myth of the Oak King and the Holly King and their battle for the hand of the lady of the land.

A teacher takes a group of children to a clearing in the woods to tell them the ancient legend of the Forest Gods. As her story unfolds the film travels back in time through a series of exciting duels from different periods in history until finally “…the wheel turns full circle and the endless battle will begin again”.

This Fantasy Legend was shot on Hi8 during the summer of 1999 and premiered at The Hawth Theatre, Crawley in the October of that year.

It was also shown at the 11th International Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester, September 2000, where it received a commendation and at the Raindance for Kids Independant Film Festival in October 2000.