Running time: 15 minutes
Directed by: Gary Andrews
Produced by: Joy Tinniswood
Written by: Philippa Jeffries
Music by: Joy Tinniswood
Cast includes:
Jenny – Joy Tinniswood
Criminal Psycologist – Rebecca Warnett
Justine Wortsman, Jane Chantler, Mark Bellchambers and Jerrard Moore.

A psychiatric patient in a prison hospital is interrogated about a deadly crime. But is she really mad or simply telling the truth?…

Press Release issued March 2002: There are three elements to the story in this disturbing psychological drama; the interview, flashbacks and the ‘visions’, each utilizing a distinct visual style. The main interview section of the film is shot very traditionally on DVCam with smooth dolly shots, tripod based compositions and enhanced lighting etc. The flashbacks were filmed handheld on MiniDV and manipulated in post production to high contrast black and white. Finally, the visions have the most extreme style of all with the camera constantly moving – this is combined with slow motion, vividly saturated colours and a fractured editing technique. ‘Mindfield’ marks yet another step forward for Egotrip Productions; it is the first of our films to be primarily shot by a cameraman and full crew rather than director Gary Andrews. It also contains the first model shots for one of the vision sequences.

This psychological drama – with a hint of the paranormal – was filmed on DVCam and MiniDV during January and February of 2001 and editing was completed later that year. It received it’s premier at the 1st Sutton Film Festival and went on to be shown at the International Festival of Fantastic Films 2002, where it gained third place in the Independent Shorts category.