devil’s caress

Est. Running time: 45 minutes
Written & Directed by: Gary Andrews
Produced by: Joy Andrews
Music by: Joy Tinniswood
On-Set Photographer: Barry Holder
Kate – Joy Tinniswood
Jenny – Beatrice Lynne
Michael – Gary Andrews
Patrick – Tony Godden

Two couples go away for a long weekend in a country cottage, but what starts out as a relaxing break turns into a waking nightmare…

The concept behind this film was quite simple – after 2 features and several shorts that had taken complex organisation and used many locations, often with fairly large casts and crews – we felt it was time to make things a bit easier for ourselves. So we wrote a film that basically happened in one location with a principal cast limited to 4. The result was Devil’s Caress, a supernatural thriller with erotic overtones, set in a country house and taking place over just 72 hours.

Gary and Joy played one couple and were joined by Egotrip regular Tony Godden. The foursome was completed by Beatrice Lynne, who we found after putting an audition notice in PCR. The final piece of the puzzle was finding an actor willing to undergo 2 hours of prosthetics to play the demon Nybras, who figures towards the end of the film. Happily an old friend who has cropped up in all our films so far in one form or another (most notably as Banquo in Macbeth) – Mark Bellchambers – stepped into the breech.

Filming took place at the beautiful country home of a friend of ours over one long weekend (Friday – Tuesday) in early September 2001, with one day’s location filming (guerrilla style) at Hever Castle the following Saturday. The cast all stayed on location for the duration of the shoot, and we even factored the meals into the shooting schedule. This was the first time we used our Sony PD150, which proved very reliable and a real joy to operate. For half the shoot we were joined by cinematographer Dave LeMay (who has since gone on to shoot several commercials, pop promos and films), to help with the larger scenes involving all 4 cast, as well as some of the more complex lighting and camera set-ups. In addition to this, we were joined for a day by make-up specialist Jessika Schwab who applied the demon prosthetics.

On completion of principal photography, the film became sidelined whilst we found ourselves involved with several filmed stage productions and paid corporate jobs, all of which took up valuable time and computer space. It is currently awaiting a slot to complete post production.